The ByK Revolution - We've changed the way you look at kids bikes

e-350-purple-girls-bike-at-speedNever before have children had a better chance to learn how to ride with such a high degree of safety on bikes designed just for them.

To achieve such great leaps forward for children's bikes we totally re-inveted the category. From dynamics to balance speed, weight savings to safety, manoeuvrability to efficiency; all our bikes are a revolution in innovative design. 

More stability means more confidence for kids to ride

The ergonomically designed frame ensures a child sits lower to the ground and with low rolling resistance width tyres and lighter weight, this reduces the crucial 'pushoff to balance' speed by an incredible 30%.

A lighter kids bike makes learning easier

Our bikes are 20% lighter than market standard for children's bikes. This mean they are easier to ride We've done this by using a lightweight alloy frame from a class-leading manufacturer, along with alloy rims making pedalling easier.

Even the brake lever is made of alloy making it lighter without flex and a smoother mechanical action.

Custom designed for a kid's body

Our unique V-Bars are ergonomically designed by considering shoulder width, riding position, safety and comfort. The grips are sized to fit small hands too.

Making kids bikes safer is our number one priority

When it comes to brakes the ByK Bike has no peer. On the front we have used an Alloy side pull caliper for developing immediate hand control and at the rear a coaster brake for simple and safe foot braking.


Recently reviewed by Review Zoo in Melbourne, it is easy to see the differences between a ByK and a generic kids bike on the market. Both of these bikes are 'designed' and marketed to kids aged between 5 and 8:

Review Zoo compares ByK E-450 to a generic bike