Are stock levels up to date?

Yes, all stock levels on the dealer site are up to date and accurate.

Can I pre-order bikes that have a stock level of 0?

Yes, you can pre-order bikes even if the stock level is 0. Your order will be filled and dispatched once bikes are in stock.

You can also add items to your wishlist and order once in stock.

What is the wheel size and UPC info for each bike?

ByK wheel sizing is based on mm, not inches.  So an E-250 model measures as a 254mm wheel size, an E-350 model measures as a 355mm wheel size, and so forth.

You can read more here: https://www.bykbikes.com/kids-bike-sizing-explained/

When logged in, UPC and SKU data is displayed to retailers and agents only.

Can I specify alternative delivery locations?

Yes, you can store multiple store locations in your Account area and specify multiple delivery addresses during checkout.