"WHOA! AWESOME!" - a 7 year old's official review of the new E-540 Kids Bike

mums_lounge_E540_16_speed_boy_bike_reviewMum's Lounge is a one-stop website with daily updates on everything from family issues, pregnancy, health, and fitness to travel, finance and celebrity gossip. We recently offered one of their Mum's, Jolene Humphry, the opportunity for her son to review the latest E-540 kids geared bike. Jolene quickly "earned the title of 'coolest mum in the whole wide world'" when the she presented the bike to her son for his 7th birthday! An excerpt from the review...: "To a 7 year old, the bike looks awesome, and I'm told it's much cooler and easier to ride than his old bike, and don't even get me started on the excitement that came when Dad showed him that he can change gears on it..." "WHOA! AWESOME!". "That...unfortunately, is about as good as a review from my seven year old gets, but the fact that he rides it at any given opportunity and parades it proudly for all to see speaks volumes." You can read the full E-540 kids bike review here. mumslounge_logoMum's Lounge are giving you the chance to win a new ByK Kids Bike for Christmas - if you win you can take your pick of any ByK Bike - so it doesn't matter how old and what ability your child is at, they can take their pick of the best kids bikes on the planet! Simply visit the Mum's Lounge website and enter (you can have up to 2 entries)