Videos of kids showing how easy it is to ride ByK kids bikes

When you're buying a kids bike for the first time, there are a few new concepts to be aware of - the height of the child is more important than their age, and don't get stuck rating bikes based on wheel size (as adult bikes often are categorised) as that has no bearing at all on whether its the right size bike for your child. ByK Bikes are designed differently from most kids bikes on the market - one key aspect is more efficient wheel dynamics. We have achieved this by reducing the rolling resistance of the tyres while increasing the overall rolling size of the wheels. Want to see ByK bikes in action - being ridden by kids of all ages and abilities?  Check out the plethora of videos posted by happy customers on our Facebook Page and Instagram pages. Here's a few of our favourites: This 510MTB rider has the perfect excuse to ride his bike on the beach - summer school holidays!  Best memories are made in those days. Beach biking! It might be raining but he is loving the freedom of biking on the beach :) #freerangekids @bykbikes #bykbikes #mountainbike #camping #nsw #southcoast A video posted by Robyn De Beer (Mrs D.) (@mrsdplus3) on Dec 20, 2015 at 5:40pm PST This 450 Rider is only 4 years old but getting a feel for his Dad's rigourous training schedule already!