Two Wheeling Tots Review of the E-250 - "The Best Bang for Your Buck in Bikes"

We gave an E-250 bike to the Two Wheeling Tots website in America for them to review.  Why? Because they had kindly mentioned us on their website previously, when comparing kids bikes, and with a small number of our bikes now being available in America, we knew they would jump at the chance to see and ride a ByK bike for themselves, and find out just why we have become one of Australia's fastest growing kids bike brands. Two Wheeling Tots is a labour of love by a Mum with 3 kids who, when first researching balance bikes in 2010, realised there was no real comparisons of the different brands out there.  They are not affiliated with any brand and do not receive funding for reviews.  We simply provided her with a free bike to test, which she got to keep (along with the countless others in their garage...!) Two Wheeling Tots have had the opportunity to review some amazing kids bike brands and we knew they would give an honest and detailed review of the E-250. What they noticed first up was the design is just so different to the average kids bikes on the market. Some of the highlights of their review:

Comparing 12" Kids Bikes

Although the ByK E-250 has 14" wheels, it is designed to fit the same kids that are marketed the traditional 12" bikes available. "The longer wheelbase of the ByK Allows for kids to lean forward when getting started and allows for extended arms for better control." The geometry allows for more knee room, and a lower centre of gravity allows for the rider to sit lower on the bike frame for more control and better balance.

To demonstrate the difference... [ByK's]  smallest pedal bike, which has 14" wheels compared to the popular 12″ Walmart bike, which is designed to fit the same size child, the differences between the two is visually significant.

twowheelingtots-byk-vs-hotwheelPhoto credit: website

ByK Point of Difference - the Push Handle is an integral learning tool for a lot of kids

"...the push bar provides a natural transition for kids who struggle once they are removed. We also found the bar to come in handy for kids who already know how to balance a bike, but are having trouble learning how to pedal."

"By supporting our three-year-old tester with the bar, he felt more comfortable practicing pedaling as he didn't have to worry about loosing momentum."

"Accidentally pedaling backwards (common for toddlers), also become a non-issue as the push bar prevented falls often caused by the unexpected activation of the coaster brake." twowheelingtots-pushbar-webPhoto credit: website

The Gear Ratio of the E-250 is a Perfect Balance

"For more aggressive riders, the lower gear ratio means they won't be able to ride as fast, but for the average kid, the gear ratio was a perfect balance."

"The gear-ratio of the ByK also makes them easier to ride. With a smaller chain ring, it requires less effort to get started riding."

"To prevent greasy pant legs, the chain ring is fully enclosed, front and back, helping to prevent the chain from coming off the chain ring." twowheelingtots-gear-ratio-chain-ring-webPhoto credit: website

Overall Review

  • "Compared to other speciality brands, the ByK carves out a place of its own."
  • Along with the other 3 top speciality brands, the ByK has "a long wheelbase, light frame and low bottom bracket design, [however] the ByK offers the lowest minimum seat height of the four at 15.7″
  • The reviewer notes that the ByK custom V-shaped handlebars offer a good balance between the aggressive body position of some bikes, and the opposite of others. "A good in betweeen" and the best riding position for kids."
  • "The ByK is especially light, considering it has larger and heavier 14" tyres" [when comparing it to other 12" kids bikes on the market]. "It also allows for easier maneuvering and less rolling resistance."
Considering the ByK E-250 has both a coaster brake and a mount for the handlebar, together adding around 1kg to the bike, it really is one of the lightest kids bikes on the market in the world today.

"The Best Bang for Your Buck in bikes, ByK's lightweight, larger tyre size and low center-of-gravity design allow kids to ride easier, sooner and faster."

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