The Recommended First Kids Bike in RideOn Magazines Buying Guide

RideOn Magazine reviewed one of our first ever models, the E-250, back in 2011. Reviewed by Simon Vincett, he gave it a cool 96% score saying that the E-250 is,

"The bike that bike riders buy their kids".

In three weeks, his three-year-old son had progressed from training wheels to scooting with the pedals off. Simon said, "I'm impressed with the re-thinking of kid's bike design... These bikes give your kids the best chance to enjoy riding." Read the full review: Ride On Magazine Reviews the E-250 Kids Bike

The recommended first kids bike for children learning to ride

Ride On Magazine feature an ultimate Bike Buyers Guide and includes the E-250 kids bike. Their article goes into detail about where to buy - from bike shops, buying online and buying second hand - as well as what to look for when you go for a test ride of a bike. Most importantly, they give advice on what to consider when buying a kids bike: rideon-mag-bike-buyers-guide-to-childrens-bikes-web "Kid's bikes are available in a range of different styles to suit children of different ages and abilities, from balance bikes and tag-alongs to scaled-down versions of adult styles. It can be tempting to opt for a department store bike at a lower price point, but be aware that most of the time, you get what you pay for and you'll need to build the bike up yourself. If your kids are serious about riding, it's worth visiting a proper bike shop that can provide ongoing mechanical service and advice. As a first bike, Ride On recommends the ByK E250." Links: