Teaching a Nervous Kid to Ride - An E-450 Review

e-450-mrsdplus3-insta-picturecollage-900x350-web Looking for a bike that would help her little girl with confidence, MrsDPlus3 did her research and chose a ByK bike. Her daughter might come across as nervous but being a cautious child is just a personality trait that many kids have and if managed well, the learning to ride experience can be a fun and memorable one.   Mrs D has gone about this learning experience the right way by not only making sure the bike is the right fit, but teaching her daughter the skill of balance first, without relying on training wheels. After reading about the ergonomic design giving kids more stability and making it easier to learn to ride, she knew

"We specifically chose a ByK kids bike for her because she is such a nervous kid that we wanted something that would be most the stable and give her the most confidence while she learnt to ride it."

This review is all about getting the right design for kids - having a bike that is lower to the ground, has a longer wheelbase and lighter weight meant Hollie could learn to ride with greater ease and confidence. MrsD has 10 great tips on teaching kids how to ride and you can see them all on her blog here: http://www.mrsdplus3.com/parenting-2/a-byk-kids-bike-review-10-tips-for-teaching-a-nervous-child-to-ride/ e-450-mrsdplus3-blogreview-thumbsup-450x450-web e-450-mrsdplus3-insta-learnt-to-ride-joy-450x450-web Miss Hollie learnt to ride on the E-450 Retro Girls Bike. The 2016 range has the new season colour of Sunny Yellow: