Scienceworks Celebrates the Innovative Design of ByK Kids Bikes

e-250-melbourne-scienceworks-kids-bike-review-1200x628-1web When Melbourne Scienceworks curated an exhibition, "Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention," about ideas and taking them through to fruition to make our lives better, they looked around for some Australian inventions that have done just that. ByK Kids Bikes was chosen to be among the influential Australian inventions featured in the exhibition, exploring themes of innovation and inventiveness. Other exhibits included the black-box flight recorder, the polymer banknote, and the multichannel cochlear implant. We were very excited to be part of this awesome showcase. The Museum said,

"Warren Key has re-invented the kids' bicycle, creating a much better solution – exactly the kind of innovation we are celebrating in World of Invention."

Motivated by the belief that good design has the capacity to change kids' lives, ByK was born from a need to offer a bike that could be ridden with ease and safely enjoyed by children.

What makes the ByK kids bike design been so innovative?

Warren Key, owner of Kids Bike Co, has worked and owned in a bicycle store all his life, and has 3 kids himself. It wasn't until he had his own kids that he realised a new design in kids' bikes was needed. ByK Bikes design totally re-thinked kids bikes - by increasing the wheel size, lowering the centre of gravity, using child-specific dynamics and making the bike dynamically more efficient, the ByK bike is easier to control at all speeds, is lighter weight and has unparalleled safety for a kids bike.

"Not only is our design unrivalled and dynamically more efficient than any other kids' bikes on the market, we've perfected every detail, and ensured that every component is of the highest quality."

You can read more here about how ByK kids bikes are different from other children's bikes on the market and why they are the leader in innovative design - the best kids bikes!

The E-250 First Kids Bike - "The Bike that Bike Riders Buy their Kids!"

med_e250_boys_blue_kids_bike_side Chosen for the exhibition was the E-250 kids bike for 3 to 5 year olds.  The E-250 was part of the original release in 2009 which included only 3 models. Since then ByK has continued to innovate and lead in the children's bicycle market and now has 30 models of kids bikes available to kids aged from 2 to 14 years old. e-250-jg-max-no-pedals-7-800w-web Links: