Review Zoo Mum, Katie, Shows Us Why Her 5 Year Old is Now 'Hooning' on her New ByK

After doing some research and listening to what other parents were saying, Review Zoo requested a ByK bike to test and review, to find out what really made them different. Katie from Review Zoo says, "Over the past year I have been tackling independent bike riding with my five-year-old. It has been nothing short of a bumpy ride (pun intended) and certainly a case of one step forward, two back. Teaching my daughter has been nothing like I remember bike riding to be when I was a child: I had a lot of space to ride freely whereas my little suburban dweller has footpaths and fears of driveways and cars to contend with. The constant stop-start routine on a bike that best resembles a tank doesn't help a child's confidence or ability to flow. "It's too heavy," she'd say, "I can't stop properly," and sadly, "I just can't do it." These comments got me thinking that there must be a bike out there just that's right for her.

"Let’s just say that if we had started with this brand of bike earlier, my daughter needn’t have become nervous and unenthused about one of childhood’s greatest joys."

e-450-reveiwzoo-bike-compare-2 Katie posted this obvious comparism of her daughter's new E-450 against her old bike that was still sitting in the garage. It's easy to see what makes ByK so different when it is side by side a standard kids bike which is designed for the same age range! So what made this 5 year old learn to ride faster on a ByK? Katie lists out the key design elements that she things made all the difference:
  • lighter weight
  • longer wheelbase for better handling and balancing
  • larger wheels for faster and easier pedalling
  • ergonomic design allows for more kneeroom, better handlebar width, and better handlebar reach from the body

From the 5 year-old rider herself... "I can start and stop by myself and I can even ride faster than dad can run! I'm basically flying, but without wings."

e-450-reveiwzoo-riding-finally-sq-web Katie chose the E-450 in Grunge Blue for her daughter, knowing this bike would last long enough to pass down to her toddler son in years to come" med_e450_byk_blue_boys_bike_side  Links: