Kids Riding = Less Driving Around in Cars - a ByK Review

At ByK, we love hearing about more kids riding bikes. We are all parents ourselves, and have been in the situation too many times where getting 3 kids in and out of a car for getting from A to B can turn into a mammoth effort (We're sure there's a lot of head-nodding going on from readers...!). So if you can all ride bikes instead, whether it is for leisure or for running errands, then life can suddenly become a little bit simpler and more enjoyable too with family riding. This lovely review from a ByK mum certainly put a smile on of all our faces knowing the joy that this family is getting from having all kids riding bikes... Hi ByK bikes. I just wanted to say what an amazing product you have. My now 5 year old is on an E450 and has been riding without training wheels since she was 4. We never used training wheels with any of our kids. They have just come from straight off E200 balance bikes. I also have 3 year old twins. One is on an E350 passed down from my elder daughter and the other twin who is smaller by a good few inches is on an E250. Today the twins rode 5 km on their bikes with me riding on mine behind them. Mainly on bike paths but also on pavements near busy roads. Having twins is hard but having them independently riding has made a world of difference. We now ride everywhere. I hardly use the car and all 4 of us (5 on weekends with my husband too) have really benefited from getting out and about. Thanks for creating such an incredible product. Cheers Kylie Feely Mother to Alison, Violet and Jade Thanks Kylie for sending us this message and the attached photo. Here's to many happy riding days ahead!