The Bike That Bike Riders Buy Their Kids

We first heard this quote back when the Bicycle Network's RideOn Magazine reviewed the E-250 model in our first range release. And as time has gone by, we see more and more ByK reviews from bike riding parents - whether they are amateur or professional bike riders or athletes, bike shop owners, or bike industry advocates. ByK really has become "the bike that bike riders buy their kids". Thanks to @embracecycling on Instagram who says, after posting this video below:

"I sold hundreds of BYK kids bikes when I worked at @velocycles in Carlton. They are simply the best kids bikes - ergonomics, parts and price are on point.

...The BYK helmet Julian is wearing fits him perfectly, is very light and has good rear coverage. If we can manage to look after it (no crashes) then it will grow with him for years thanks to its easy to adjust strap and winding fastener on the back."