My Very First Pedal Bike - a 3 Year Old Reviews the E-350x2i

e-350x2i-insta-liveitdoit-girls-bike-with-basket-web2 This review from Cassandra Michelin of her 3 year old girl's excitement at getting her very first pedal bike puts a tear of joy in our eyes.  We love making kids bikes and its that moment of realisation on a kid's face when they see their new bike, whether it is their first bike or not, that is just priceless. Cassandra's experience looking for a bike for her daughter: "This big girl has been talking about having a "pedal bike" ever since she set her eyes on a friends at the beginning of last year...

With a lot of chat and a fair bit of researching we wanted to find a bike that would be easy to ride, safe and something she could pass onto her little brother.

Every bike we seemed to stumble across was bright pink and covered in blah... Yeh as girly as my little girl is, I do struggle at times with the bright pink frilly blah! I was scouring online for months; I wanted a bike that would last! Alot of the bikes on the market are hard to learn on so kids dont get the opportunity to be given a good foundation when learning how to ride a bike. Their wheels are small and the frames a little awkward..." Cassandra settled on the E-350x2i as she could see her daughter would like the colours and it was easily 'prettied up' but she would be able to pass it on to her younger son in about 3 years time.  This is a huge benefit of a ByK bikes - they are kids bikes that are built tough and will last.  Both the 'hand me down' factor and re-salability of the bikes are noted as benefits of the brand.

"Bringing home princess P's brand new pedal bike was a delight in itself, the look of glee in her eyes and the excitement in your voice... "IS.. THIS.. REALLY... MY ... PEDAL... BIKE???"

And then the eagerness to get up and riding was just such a beautiful proud moment for us all. Our little girls first big girl bike! So the afternoons have been spent cutting laps at the park, getting the hang of pushing the pedals and the listening to the calling out from the rider singing; "look at me mummy! I'm going faster faster!" You can read Cassandra's full review on her website - ByK Bikes provided a bike free of charge for Cassandra, upon request. e-350x2i-insta-liveitdoit-girls-bike-with-gears-web