Mums Lounge Mum, Fiona, gives the thumbs up with her 3 year old son on the E-250L Balance Bike

mums-lounge-balance-bike-review-collage-web When Mums Lougne asked us for a balance bike to review, we knew it was going to make a little kid very happy.  3-year old William was the lucky recipient of a brand new E-250L Balance Bike. Fiona is not a lycra-clad cyclist but she loves to watch the Tour de France each year and knows a thing or two about the tactics that go on in the elite category of road cycling. When she started thinking about her own son's soon-to-begin bike-riding adventures, she researched and found ByK Bikes and asked us if her son could have one for review.

These days it is becoming well known that getting your child onto a balance bike as early as possible will give them the skills they will need when they progress to a pedal bike a few years later down the track.

Fiona fondly remembers her learning-to-ride days... "I remember my days learning to ride a bike. The riding part was easy enough once I got a good push from dad. It was the stopping that got my fear levels racing! As I was racing down the driveway on my faux-BMX yelling for dad to help me stop, he was yelling for me to put my feet back on the pedals to lock the wheels! The heavy bike just wouldn't stop! "Balance Bikes give toddlers and pre-schoolers the ability to ride with confidence quickly. With this ability to balance, you should also find that your child doesn't need to use trainer wheels when they graduate to a pedal bike. A confidence booster all around.

This is the confidence I see in my son, William (nearly 3 years). He can manoeuvre the bike easily, start and stop easily..."

med_e250l_chrome_green_kids_balance_bike_side As a family, we love walking together. With William riding the balance bike on our walks, he can finally keep up with our walking pace, he can easily manoeuvre the footpaths and obstacles like gumnuts and cracks in the path and he can also stop quickly and easily. William particularly loves the bell. He loves that you can "ding at people while you're riding". I must talk to him about that!

"I am actually really surprised at how quickly he has picked up the technique. With both feet on the ground, he can walk the bike or he can coast along and enjoy the freedom that comes with biking."