Modified E-350 custom boys bike a labour of love from a Dad who loves bikes and cars!

One of the best endorsements we can get is when a customer takes a ByK bike and customises it with hours of work and love for their kid.  In order to invest time and money into modifying a kids bike on this scale, you know the person doing it would have made the effort to get the best designed bike in the first place! Here's a sneak peek at the latest custom ByK that has been shared with us - an E-350 green machine - over 7 hours paint work alone and a few other quality modifications make this one of the coolest bikes on the block!

The biggest part of this custom job is the painting of the bike:

Paint job was 7hrs in the booth, first coat was silver, then 5 coats of candy green, masked the flames and added a few cool touches, then two coats of black, followed by 3 coats of PPG ceramic clear. e-350-takis-pallas-custom-kids-bike-1-before-spray e-350-takis-pallas-custom-kids-bike-2-mid-spray-a e-350-takis-pallas-custom-kids-bike-2-mid-spray-b

Custom work on this kids bike also includes:

  • Profile hubs
  • Painted standard rims
  • Token cro-mo bottom bracket
  • KMC chain
  • Deity stem, bars, end plugs and valve caps
  • Custom made head set spacer for the quill to 1 1/8" adapter.
It weighs 7.8kg with training wheels. Aparently the lucky boy who is getting this for Christmas 2015 was given the opportunity to choose the colours but of course is not seeing the finished bike until Christmas day!

e-350-takis-pallas-custom-kids-bike-3-end-angleReady for wrapping - the custom E-350 kids bike is finished

Links: What the original E-350 standard bike loves like: lge_e350_byk_ninja_green_byk_boys_bike_side