Learning to Ride without Training Wheels

emilyWe often receive great reviews and photos of ByK Riders on our Facebook Page and here's one that we thought we'd share with you. "[Emily] ... loves her new bike. It took her about 10 minutes to get the hang of the pedals, then she was off. She's had her bike less than a week and she can already cycle to the park a few blocks away with dad. She picked the blue one herself instead of the girls one. She was 3y2m in this picture and riding confidently with no help or training wheels within minutes of trying the bike. She had been using a balance bike for quite a while before that though. We went on holiday last month and she tried another "normal" bike and absolutely hated it, even with training wheels, she wouldn't ride it." Thanks Sarah for sharing your story of Emily's journey to loving bicycle riding! Visit our Facebook Page to read more great stories like this and join our community of kids and parents who love riding!