Follow a boy's journey in learning to ride a bike

2014-01-13_red_shoes_kids_bike_review_with_dadA little help from Dad pushing the bike from behindWe have been following the adventures of a boys journey in learning to ride with thirteenredshoes blogger, Rebecca Wiggins and her son. Like most kids, he dictated the terms of learning to ride and it has taken a few months to get the enthusiasm up to speed but after a hiatus with Christmas and New Year, on the first outing with the bike, voila... he is now riding on his own! We've really enjoyed reading about the little one's adventures in learning to ride and a lot of parents will be able to relate to the story as it unfolds, having watched their own children go through the same strides. For those parents teaching their kids to ride now, especially after a new bike was found under the tree at Christmas, this could be inspiration to keep getting out there and encouraging the freedom of the bike for your children. 2014-01-13_red_shoes_kids_bike_review_proud_dadThat proud moment when they are up riding on their own!Post 1 - little one gets his bike for the first time. He can ride a balance bike so training wheels are not included. But core strength needs to be learnt in order to hold the bike up, steer it, and learn to use the pedals... Post 2 - changing gears and rining the bell is too much fun on a new bike!  Taking the bike to the local park which has slight inclines to help gain momentum is supporting his ability to take control of the bike on his own.  Mum and Dad are still pushing and running along most of the way though - good fitness for them! Part 3 - confidence is growing and he is managing to stay upright on the bike more on his own.  Post 4 - Voila - the kid can ride a bike on his own!  Kids learn in their own time and this proves that patience from mum and dad has helped him in the long run. If you're wondering which model it is, he has learnt to ride on the E-450x3i geared kids bike.  You can read about why we decided on this model in Post 1.