E-350 Kids bike rider proving well designed bike is all a kid needs!

We love hearing about kids who have discovered the joy of riding because of ByK kids bike. This review comes from a Mum via Facebook and is a classic story of a ByK turning around a kid's bemusement of riding into one of joy. "I'm not normally one to message companies, but I just wanted to say 'Thankyou', Thankyou for creating a wonderful, safe, stylish and easy to use bike suitable for young kids." After my daughter wore out her target Peppa Pig bike that she got almost 2 years ago and is now in a state of disrepair, we had to replace her bike ASAP! Her birthday isn't until December, but thought best to get it early for her. My husband ( who used to ride bikes too - spending a fortune on many branded ones) agreed that we should spend money on a decent bike for my daughter, rather than just getting a target/Kmart style bike. So I went to our local bike store - Hendry's in Geelong, and spoke to Rohan! Straight up he showed us your bikes, daughter hopped on and was measured up! Rohan was fabulous - he gave me the model number and told me to go and review the bike myself before I made the decision - as they are more expensive than some others. So I got home, googled the E-350, read the reviews and ordered one the very next day!! In-between this wintry awful weather we are having daughter is out on that bike riding it around like a crazy kid!!

I'm so pleased we spent a bit extra on a fantastic quality kids bike that I know she will actually grow out of rather than have it break, and get hours and hours of riding time in!

Our local park is just over 1km away, she's never ridden that far ever, and yesterday whilst I was encouraging her to just ride on the footpath around home she declared we were going to the park! And she did! Didn't stop to complain about tired legs etc! Didn't stop at all, until we got to the park! Needless to say I'm amazed! Well done! Thank-you - Megan (and Zoe!) [caption id="attachment_1834" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]E-350 Pink Girls Bike Zoe on her E-350 pink girls bike - all smiles![/caption]