An absolute newbie and a once-bitten, twice-shy young rider test review ByK Bikes

single-mum-website_byk-kids-bikes-review-1-web single-mum-logoWe gave 2 ByK kids bikes to a reviewer on the website and here she gives a parents-point-of-view and kids-point-of-view review. An apprehensive start from an absolute newbie and a once-bitten, twice-shy young rider meant that the ByK had to impress and live up to its promises - which it certainly did.

"It was really great to witness how the girls could propel these bikes with relative ease, despite their small body size. What a difference good design can make."

"When it came to riding her new ByK Bike, Brooke, 6 years old, was a little hesitant at first. She had lost interest in learning to ride thanks to her negative experiences with her first bike. Although her first bike was supposedly the correct size for her, she had found that it was difficult to get going without help, and even with training wheels it still tipped over easily. Once the bike was down, Brooke had found it too heavy to pull back up without help. She quickly became discouraged, and gave up trying to ride. single-mum-website_byk-kids-bikes-review-3-web But once Brooke saw her gorgeous new Byk bike, it was easy to convince her to get "back in the saddle" - even though this bike had no training wheels! I took the kids into a paddock for their first few rides in case of falls. Right from the start, it was obvious that Brooke's problems with her old bike were not going to be issues with the ByK bike. Even on rough grass, Brooke found her new bike not only lightweight enough to push when she was off it, but also light enough that she could pull it up off the ground on her own if she needed to. If she wasn't feeling confident when riding, her ByK Bike was low enough for her to easily drop her feet down to the ground for extra stability when slowing to a stop, just as her sister had done - perfect!

It was at that point that I realised that Brooke's faltering bike progress of the past was perhaps not so much a lack of confidence or balance issue, but the fact that her previous bike design was just all wrong for her."

"...the main attraction of ByK bikes for me as a parent was how ByK prioritise safety in their design..." was founded in February 2009, and has grown to become a large, thriving Australian single mum network. Read the full ByK Kids Bike Review at Check out the Bikes the Girls' Rode: med_e350_byk_purple_girls_bike_side med_e450_byk_blue_retro_girls_bike