A Confident 5 Year Old Finds Balance on the E-450x3i - a Review by Essential Kids

A great kids bike review from Marion Turner of Essential Kids, and her son's upgrade to the E-450x3i ByK kids bike.  Previously he had learnt on an E-250 First Kids Bike so he already had a head start in being a confident rider. 2014-01_kids-e450_bike_review-backThe E-450x3i was a huge step up for him and he only just reached the ground meaning he was at the limit of the age/height range for the bike.  But Mum was confident he would be able to handle the bike.

In this case, Marion knew her son was a confident rider - he had already mastered balancing, pedaling, steering and braking, which is important to keep in mind.

I'm sure a lot of parents can relate to Marion's re-counting of her son insisting on using training wheels for his first real bike, the E-250, and then having the ever-popular Peppa Pig help out in getting him off them! 2014-01_kids-e450_bike_review-front"When he started going from a balance bike to the pedal bike, he had only a few days with the training wheels, which he demanded on, (as they come with the bikes - so he assumed that was the norm), but an episode of Peppa Pig "Bicycles" (season1, episode 12 - Here on YouTube) turned him around and he requested the "stabelizers" be removed. Soon, he was zooming along faster than ever, and I was hard up trying to keep up with him while pushing the stroller with his younger brother." Sometimes its o.k. to stretch your kids and get a bike that does look slightly too big.  It really depends on the kids' confidence and riding ability.  On only his second outing, Marion says he rode safely and with confidence on the new bike...

"...which looks massive under his 5 year old figure, with an equally massive smile."

If you have any questions about what bike size/model to buy your child, feel free to email us, or send a message on our Facebook Page, or drop into one of our stockists for expert advice. 2014-01_kids-e450_bike_review-2bikes