4 Year Old Boy and Mum Amazed at the Difference in a ByK Bike

As if often the case with our blogger reviews, we are approached by a Mum who has researched kids bikes and made a choice on ByK. We know that another parents' opinion and point of view can be a strong voice for other mums and dads trying to find the right bike for their kids and this story of a 4 year old kid with already strong bike skills proves that a well designed kids bike can really improve a kids' riding skills and enjoyment. When Julie contacted us about a bike for her fairly tall 4 year old son, we recommended she go with the E-350 but she wasn't wholly sure.  After visiting her local bike shop she realised it was the right way to go.  In her review Julie says, "As with many parents, for a few minutes I considered whether I could stretch him up to the bigger E-450 to ‘make the bike last longer’, but better judgement kicked in. Getting a bike too big would have shattered my keen rider’s confidence and, since he is loving the bike riding so much, we didn’t want him to hit the brakes (haha, get it?) by buying a bike out of his comfort zone. The E-350 fits our reasonably tall, just-turned-4-year-old well."

"One week after getting his new ByK bike, our 4 year old rode over 8km along the beach pathway from West Beach to Grange and back – and two days later rode another 9+km to the Christmas Pageant and without complaining once!"

4 Year Old Riding BMX Pump Track And although this 4 year old has a standard bike, not an MTB, he's loving the local BMX tracks too: "Off the sealed tracks, our new E-350 has seen a jump in ability and confidence on the BMX tracks as well. He has been hitting the local tracks for the past few months, and the new ByK bike, having a lot less resistance when pedaling, has meant that he finds it a lot easier to get up the larger ‘jumps’ on the intermediate tracks." Original review: 4 Year Old Kids Bike Review - Kids in Adelaide