WeetBix Tryathalon Kids Having Fun and Riding ByK Bikes!

We were lucky enough to see the Melbourne leg of the 2015 Weetbix Tryathlon - the world's largest kids triathlon series. 

The WeetBix tryathlon series is held in Australia and New Zealand and cites many benefits to children who particpate - increased physical activity and enjoyment, feeling of accomplishment for being involved, and more motivated to excercise after the event.

In Melbourne on 8 March, over 3000 kids took part in the Tryathlon and we were there to cheer them on and see the fun of the well organised event for kids and families.

Check out some of the ByK kids we spotted at this event:

The New 540R Kids Road Bike was seen speeding past.  This rider is definitely the Next Generation of road bike riders!


8 Year old Eliza getting her E-450x8 Geared Kids Bike out of the racks ready for the cycling leg, after her swim:


Love this photo of a boy riding his 540x16 Geared kids Bike:


Another riding speeding past - this girl is riding her E-540x16 geared kids bike too - and determined to get to the end fast!


With over 3000 kids participating, the bike parking had to be super organised - well done to the event organisers for such a great job:


Great riding position and setup for this girl riding her E-450 Kids Bike at the 2015 Weetbix Tryathlon: