ByK Bikes - The World's Largest Range of Bikes Designed for Kids

To achieve such innovation in children's bikes we totally re-invented the category. From dynamics to balance speed, weight savings to safety, manoeuvrability to efficiency; all our bikes are a revolution in design. The bikes fit the rider better in all the right places for all the right reasons. ByK Bikes grow with the rider - the longer wheelbase and custom-design v-bars ensure that not only the rider fits the bike better from the start, they have more room for growing legs and arms.  Find out more about the unique, ergonomic design of the ByK Bikes. When looking for the right model for your child, you'll naturally begin by looking at models categorised by age and height. However, unlike many other brands, the age and height range overlaps dramatically for each of the ByK ranges. As most kids' balance develops at roughly the same speed, using age and height with ability and confidence is far more relevant. As parents, you know all too well the height differences of your kids' friends and peers. And height has absolutely no indicator of ability or confidence. Read more for an in-depth kids bike sizing guide.  

2-4 Years

Small to Mid Size Kids

Balance Bike - E-200L

med_e200l_girls_pink_balance_bike  med_e200l_boys_blue_balance_bike

2.5-5 Years

Mid to Tall Size Kids

Balance Bike - E-250L

med_e250l_red_kids_balance_bike  med_e250l_chrome_green_kids_balance_bike

Standard Bike - E-250

med_e250_boys_blue_kids_bike med_e250_boys_orange_kids_bikemed_e250_girls_pink_kids_bikemed_e250_girls_blue_kids_bike med_e250_girls_retro_lilac_kids_bike2016 New Season Retro Colour - Lilac Haze e250mtb-kids-mountain-bike-300x1932016 New Season E-250MTB Kids Mountain Bike All E-250 models come with training wheels and detachable push handle.

4 - 6 Years

95 - 117cms

Pre-School to Early Primary School Kids

Standard Bike - E-350

med_e350_byk_blue_boys_bike lge_e350_byk_sky_blue_girls_bike med_e350_byk_ninja_green_byk_boys_bike med_e350_byk_pink_girls_bike med_e350_byk_purple_girls_bikemed_e350_byk_red_boys_bike med_e350_byk_retro_celeste_green_girls_bike2016 New Season Retro Colour - Celeste Green

Geared Bike - E-350x2i


Geared Mountain Bike - 350MTB

e350mtb-kids-mountain-bike2016 New Season E-350MTB Kids Mountain Bike

All E-350 models come with training wheels.

5 - 8 Years

110 - 132cms

Primary School Kids

Standard Bike - E-450

med_e450_byk_blue_boys_bike med_e450_byk_ninja_green_boys_bike-600w med_e450_byk_green_girls_bike med_e450_byk_lilac_girls_bike med_e450_byk_soft_orange_girls_bike med_e450_byk_sunny_yellow_retro_girls_bike

Geared Bike - E-450x2i


Geared Bike - E-450x3i

med_e450_3i_byk_blue_geared_kids_bike med_e450_3i_byk_purple_geared_kids_bike med_e450_3i_byk_sky_blue_girls_geared_kids_bike2016 New Season Colour - Sky Bluemed_e450x3ibb-commuter-kids-bike2016 New Season Model - Black Commuter

6 - 9 Years

115 - 145cms

Primary School Kids

Geared Bike E450x8

med_e450_x8_geared_boys_bike_red med_e450_x8_geared_girls_bike_pink

Geared Mountain Bike 450MTB


7 - 11 Years

130 - 160cms

Primary School Kids

Geared Bike E-540x3i

med_e540x3i_byk_red_boys_geared_kids_bike med_e540x3i_byk_watermelon_girls_geared_kids_bike med_e540x3i_byk_lilac_girls_geared_kids_bikemed_e540x3ibb-commuter-kids-bike

Geared Bike E-540x16

med_e540x16_byk_blue_boys_geared_kids_bike med_e540x16_byk_green_girls_geared_kids_bike

Geared Mountain Bike 510MTB


Geared Road Bike 540R


Geared Cyclocross Bike 540CX


10 - 14 Years

142.5 - 175cms

Primary School to Secondary School Kids

Geared Bike 620x3i

med_e620x3i_byk_blue_boys_geared_bike med_e620x3i_byk_green_girls_geared_bike med_e620x3i_byk_yellow_girls_geared_bike med_e620x3ibb-boys-commuter-bike

Geared Bike 620x16

med_e620x16_byk_green_boys_geared_bike med_e620x16_byk_pink_girls_geared_bike

Geared Mountain Bike 560MTB


Geared Road Bike 620R


Geared Cyclocross Bike 620CX