Our 10 Best Bicycle Presents for Kids

If your kid loves bikes, but he or she already has one, then here are some top ideas for presents this Christmas.  From stocking fillers to more substantial gifts, there's something for every kid here. To compile this list, we've asked a few ByK Mums and Dads what they know their kids would love!  A great idea for kids learning to ride is to offer them an incentive and a bicycle accessory is often the trick. Let them choose what they want and tell them when their training wheels come off or maybe when they can ride across the park without assistance, they'll get their special gift.

1. A New Bicycle Bell

There are so many cool bells to choose from.  We love these Australian hand-painted bells from Beep Bicycle Bells but you can also get some pretty cool ones from your local bike shop too. kids-beep-bicycle-bells

2. Bike Themed T-Shirts for Kids

We love this collection from Dark Cycle Clothingkids-bike-face-kids-tshirt of kids shirts with bicycles and animals.  So many to choose from!  And of course, if you want a shirt that has safety reflective panels, you can't go past the ByK Kids TShirt either! tshirt_yellow

3. Vintage Puncture Repair Kit

For the bigger kids, this is a great Christmas gift - get them invovled in repairing and looking after their bikes and they'll love and respect them even more. Check out this vintage bicycle repair kit: kids-bicycle-puncture-repair-outfit-tin-kit_1024x1024

4. Kids Bike Riding Gloves

We love this collection from Dark Cycle Clothing of kids shirts with bicycles and animals.  So many to choose from!  And of course, if you want a shirt that has safety reflective panels, you can't go past the ByK Kids TShirt either! kids-bike-face-kids-tshirt tshirt_yellow

5. Classic Spokey Dokeys

Don't you remember having these on your bike as a kid?  Everyone did.  They add a touch of fun and colour to kids' bicycles and they're super fun to put on.  Arrange them in different colours or go mixed up rainbow.  You can even get different shapes now like stars or characters. But there's nothing wrong with the plain old ones too! e-450-girls-bike-accessorised-sq-web

6. Traffic Signs Game

If you have a couple of bike riding kids in the family and friends like to ride with them, these could be fun to setup at home for great outdoor play. The ByK Kids Bicycle Traffic Sign games are designed for individuals, clubs and schools to create learn to ride courses using a range of traffic signs. web_BYK-street-signs

7. Fluro Socks

For the kids who are starting to commute to school, you want to be sure they are safe and can be seen well.  There are lots of ways to do this - from flags, reflective vests and shirts, reflective panels on the body, the backpack and the bike, bicycle lights, etc.  But something as simply as fluro socks can really stand out too. kids-fluro-socks

8. Bike Lock

For the primary school kids, this kid-friendly bike lock has a Retractable stainless steel cable, carry bracket and resettable combination. bike-locks

9. Kids Bicycle Baskets

Whether its to carry a doll, a toy, a game, some chalk for the park, a snack or a bag or backpack, a bicycle basket is essential for some kids. We love these baskets that have a hook that neatly slides onto the front handlebars and stays there. And then the kids can easilly take it off at home, at the park and carry it. kids-black-front-basket kids-blue-front-basket kids-wicker-basket

10. Bicycle Helmet

The ultimate bike riding accessory and the one you want to be the safest and most comfortable.  The ByK Kids bike helmet is fully adjustable, has a reflective panel on the rear, chin protector, sun visor, large vents and comes in 7 colours. kids_bike_helmet_blue_side kids_bike_helmet_orange_side kids_bike_helmet_red_side