NZ Bikes in Schools Program 2015 Taking Off

The Bikes in Schools Program in New Zealand continues to grow and get kids active and loving bikes.  2015 has already seen the introduction of the program Pinehaven School in Upper Hutt. And in 2014, 9 schools also joined the program. At Pinehaven they now have three [YES THREE!!!] different bike tracks, 50 new bikes, a storage container and a helmet for every child at the school. The 500m+ long limesand track also includes a mini zebra crossing across a riding track.  How cool is that?! 20150205-bikesinschools-nz-blogpost-600

Schools that were part of the BikeOn Bikes in Schools Program in 2014:

20140801_kimi-ora-school-kids-love-riding-the-track-600 Bikes in Schools is a complete biking package implemented within a school that enables all students to ride a bike on a regular basis. The full package includes a fleet of new bikes, a bike helmet for every child, combination of riding, pump and bike skills tracks, bike storage facility (where needed), and a bike coach to introduce the programme and teach basic riding skills. You can read about the New Zealand Bikes in Schools Program here and keep up with the Bikes in Schools Program blog here. 20150205-byk-bikes-lineup-nz-blogpost-600