New Bikes In Preschools Program Recognises Kids Learn to Ride Better on a Balance Learner Bike

Here at ByK, we know that kids learn better when they start off on a Learner Bike or Balance Bike.  Also called a 'run bike', kids will not only get to focus on learning the crucial skill of balance - they will just simply have fun. And we all know the best way for kids to learn anything is if they are enjoying it at the same time. 

nz_bikeon_bikes_in_preschoolsIn New Zealand, the Bike On Charitable Trust also recognise this and after seeing a great number of children reaching primary school age and having not ridden a bike before, they decided to start the 'Bikes in Preschools' program.

Following from the great success of their 'Bikes in Schools' program, they have begun stocking balance bikes for pre-schoolers and toddlers to learn to ride on and get a great start to riding a bike.

"The sooner you get kids into cycling, the better.  This is an opportunity for children to have physical activity as part of their daily life at pre-school", says Carl Cowley, Health Improvement Advisor at Toi Te Ora Public Health Service.

Balance or Learner Bikes are the best Toddler Bikes and Pre-Schooler Bikes Available

e-200-toddler-boy-riding-balance-bike smlTeena Bunyan, Centre Leader from Little Orchard Preschool, says, "A lot more children are now getting into riding 2-wheeler [balance] bikes and they seem to be a lot braver stepping up to bikes with pedals, as compared to those that start off with a bike with training wheels - esepcially girls - they are a lot more scared to take the training wheels off.

By starting on a balance bike, they haven't got that to fall back on so they're quite keen to move up to the next step a lot faster."  After learning to ride on a balance bike, kids are a lot more confident and will learn to ride faster, and most likely without training wheels.

Phil Shoemack, Public Health Medical Leader at Bay of Plenty District Health Board, says, "As we get older, we tend to resist change... and I think we should be doing everything we can to encourage children to try new things and to take occassional risks in a safe environment, and this is really one way of doing that.

Kids will not only get to focus on learning the crucial skill of balance - they will just simply have fun - the best way to learn!

Choosing a kids bike is easy at ByK - we have the E-200L - perfect toddler bike, and the E-250L - a slightly larger balance bike for pre-school age kids.  And you can't go past the best first kids bike - the E-250!