Kids Love the Challenge of Competing in a Bike Race

We were thrilled to see a ByK Rider who competed in The Rev Cycle Challenge, in Cambridge, New Zealand, recently and managed to ride a whopping 18km on his ByK E-450 bike. Kids always surprise us by what they're capable of doing and when they love something as much as riding a bike, a challenge such as this is a fun way for them to see what they can achieve. As his mum, Leanne, said, "This dude tackled all the hills on a single speed bike - not something I could do! Proud of my boy!" Ben took part in The Rev Intro ride - "Designed for those new to cycling, people keen for a short ride, or parents who would like to ride with their children, the REV Intro is an 18km loop, starting at Event HQ in Cambridge. This ride is a great opportunity to experience a large scale cycling event for the first time."  This ride is for participants aged 13 and above but those younger can get a special entry after filling out an age exemption form. e-450-fb-leanneappleton-the-rev-cycle-race-sq320 e-450-fb-leanneappleton-the-rev-cycle-race-2-sq600web

Kids love to ride alongside their parents, their idols and just to be a part of the fun of a big event where lots of other kids and grown ups and getting in on the fun as well.  And it shows them the great spirit of competition and personal challenge.

Well done to Ben for reaching his goal and good luck for future races.  Another Next Generation ByK rider coming up the ranks! And he even made it into the local paper - always a great keepsake for the photo album... e-450-fb-leanneappleton-the-rev-cycle-race-newspaper-coverage Links: