Is this the Best Boys Bike In The World?

What makes the best kids bike even better?

A custom paint job and a few techincal upgrades, and of course having a very cool dad who works in the best bike workshop! Adrian from Belrose Bicycles began work on the E-350 late last year and gave it to his son Ryder for Christmas.

Once complete he estimated its price tag to be around $3000, making it possibly the most expensive kids bike in the world!

e-350-belrose-bicycles-custom-boys-bicycle-640x640-frame-web e-350-belrose-bicycles-custom-boys-bicycle-640x640-front-web e-350-belrose-bicycles-custom-boys-bicycle-640x640-above-web

We spoke to Adrian to get the lowdown on his kids' custom E-350 kids bike:

What type of ByK model is it? E-350 Who is it for? My son Ryder who is 4 years old. It was a Christmas present. How many hours did it take to do the custom job?

About 6 hours in spray painting and detailing, and about another 6 hours in custom building.

What are some of the major changes you have made? The wheels are profile racing bmx hubs (trail elite model). There are titanium sprockets and bottom bracket and aluminium race cranks, just to name a few. e-350-belrose-bicycles-custom-boys-bicycle-960x117-frame-front [caption id="attachment_613" align="alignright" width="340"]E-350 at Belrose Bicycles Adrian, owner of Belrose Bicycles, and dad to son Ryder who he customised an E-350 into a rad BMX[/caption]

Adrian, owner of Belrose Bicycles, and Dad to the recipient of this custom E-350 kids bike

 Here is the full spec list from Adrian:
  • Frame - ByK E-350 kids bike with custom paint decals
  • Front shock/fork - ByK E-350 fork
  • Handlebars - Sinz race carbon
  • Stem - Profile Ti bolts
  • Headset - Chirs king
  • Grips - Odyssey slim kids
  • Saddle - Odyssey brown junior
  • Seatpost - Odyssey 22.2mm micro adjust
  • Front brake - std black caliper
  • Rear brake - Avid ultimate V
  • Cranks - Sinz race 120mm
  • Bottom Bracket - Sinz titanium
  • Chain - kmc 710sl
  • Pedals - Answer sealed kids
  • Cassette - Profile alloy race 18t
  • Front hub - Profile trail elite
  • Rear hub - Profile trail elite Ti driver
  • Front rim - Alienation black sheep chrome 36h
  • Rear rim - Alienation black sheep chrome 36h
  • Spokes - Black
  • Nipples - Black
  • Tyres - Duo 18x2.0
  • Tubes - std 18"
  • Total weight - 8.3kgs
Where did you do all the work on the bike? At the Best Work Shop, at Belrose Bicycles Belrose Bicycles and Northern Beaches Bicycles are lovers of bikes and know a thing or two about getting kids into riding. When we asked Adrian about why he sold ByK Bikes, he said:

"the ByK bikes are by far the best, with the geometry and quality of the components, they just fit the kids so well and the weight of the bikes makes them so easy for the kids to ride.

"We have been selling kids bikes 30 years and never seen anything like the ByK." See more of the store profile for Belrose Bicycles here. Check out Belrose Bicycles on Facebook, and connect with the Best Work Shop on Facebook also to find out what other great custom work they are doing. Links: What the original E-350 Standard bike would have looked like before the modifications: lge_e350_byk_blue_boys_bike_side