Great to See So Many ByK Kids Racing at the National Cyclocross Championships in Victoria

Mae Riding her 540R Kids Road Bike on the Bike Buller Pump Track
We had a chance to check out the National Cyclocross Championships in Essendon Fields, Victoria, over the weekend and caught up with our ByK Riders, Mae and Nels, but saw so many other great young riders having fun - and quite a few on ByK Bikes themselves. As well as the Masters, Juniors, and Pro Circuit Series, the Kids get their very own race too - for any kids 3 years and over! And entry is free (gold coin donation appreciated!) The official race course was approximately 3.0km long with a mixture of road, grass, concrete, crushed rock and dirt. But of course the kids got to ride on just a small section of that which was flat, with a few bumps/logs and some good turns. ccxnat-e-350-byk-rider-racing-sq-webAn Pro E-350 ByK Rider With a Load of Determination!   ccxnat-nels-testing-out-the-pro-track-sq-webNels taking his 510MTB Kids Mountain Bike onto the official circuit after the kids race. The setup was fantastic - kids (big and small) could have a go at any time on the fantastic Bike Buller pump track.  And the bigger kids were also allowed to have a go on the adult course as well, giving them a chance to improve their skills on more challenging terrain and get a feel for what they might get up to one day! ccxnat-pink-rider-kids-at-start-line-1-webThe @PinkBrunswick Rider injecting some fun into the pre-race nerves ccxnat-pink-rider-kids-at-start-line-2-web@PinkBrunswick decides to join in properly but takes a head start! ccxnat-mae-cornering-during-race-sq-webMae cornering during the kids race    ccxnat-boys-medal-presentation-sq-webThe Boys Medal Presentation


2015 Race Schedule:

  • 06 September: Vic CX Series Round 5, Caribbean Park
  • 27 September: Vic CX Series Round 6, Gumbaya Park, Warragul