Getting the next generation of kids riding at the Tour Down Under

The Tour Down Under brings the world's top cyclists to Adelaide every January and its a chance for kids to come out and see their champions ride.  These are the next generation of kids cyclists and there's a race put on for them as well - the BUPA Mini Tour For Kids.   This year we were able to see the new ByK Kids Road Bikes in action and a few other ByK Riders too. 620r-fb-brucearthur-kids-road-bikes-santos-tour-down-under-2015-640ByK 620R Kids Road Bikes in the Bupa Mini Tour Down Under for kids - shared by Bruce Arthur on Facebook The Tour Down Under is a great family event with so many awesome things to do for kids and the whole family - riding enthusiasts or not. e-450-fb-sallyfanovic-kids-bikes-tour-down-under-2015-sqKid Riding in the Mini Tour Down Under 2015 - Shared by Sally Fonovic on Facebook Visiting the Tour Down Under village you get to see all the big team tents and their gear, and get some freebies as well! tour-down-under-2015-village-freebies Riding down at Glenelg Beach, there are road bikes everywhere - weekdays and weekends - and heaps of fun for the kids: e-250-adelaide-tdu-beach-640 Some Cadel fans... byk-kids-tour-de-france-yellow-shirts-signed-by-cadel-evans