Evel Knievel Rides Again... On A ByK Kids Bike


This is not so much a review of ByK Kids Bikes, but a glowing endorsement in our eyes.  A Melbourne Mum, who goes by the name of Lightning McStitch, put together this awesome Evel Knievel costume for her son to match his nutcase helmet.

Kids love to ride. Kids love to dress up. Have you ever seen a better combination of these two things!

On her blog, Shelley, aka Lightnight McStitch, gives an honest account of how she came about creating the costume (inspired by the Nutcase helmet her son has, along with his ByK Bike).

She also accounts how she missed out on showcasing her son and his costume in promotional material for a Kids Riding Safety campaign in conjunction with an Evel Knievel event in the States.  A huge missed opportunity but one that she let go as a lesson learnt, and in her own words...

"Oh well. At our house we say get back on the bike, ride hard, jump something (or perhaps just a little rear wheel skid if you're like me) but most importantly, wear your helmet!"

Great philosophy!  Keep on riding. (:

Read all about it on her blog here... ByK kids bike rider wears Evel Knievel costume