Bikes in Schools is an Investment in Kids - The Next Generation

20150516-camberly-school-hawkes-bay-web At Camberley School, the 120 students now have a bike track that links up with the Council Park bike track adjacent to the school, part of the Hastings District Council iWay project, "an initiative designed to demonstrate that carefully planned, sustained investment in walking and cycling can have a positive impact on a community." At Takapau School, all 120 students rode around the 3 new tracks on opening day, showing the school's enthusiasm and enjoyment of having Bikes in Schools on board.  They have a skills track, a pump track and a main 250m track for general riding, as well as 50 new bikes and 100 helmets. Bikes in Schools director, Paul McArdle, said part of the Bikes in Schools vision in Hawke's Bay was to get 3000 more children participating.

And so far 14 schools have each had the program implemented. At around $50k per school, that's an investment of $700,000 in children's health, wellbeing and enjoyment.  Investing in the next generation.

"Takapau School is leading the way and is a fabulous model for the Bikes in Schools programme. I would encourage other Hawke's Bay schools to come and take a look at what Takapau have achieved," he said. "They are supporting the vision to provide regular and equal access to bikes and bike tracks for all children." - Hawkes Bay Today So far the Bikes in Schools programme has helped over 35 schools with a package of bikes, helmets, bike tracks and cycling lessons. This has got over 8,000 school children onto bikes on a regular basis at school.

And it helps support so many local businesses in the purchasing of equipment, building of tracks and provision of cycling lessons for kids. 

What an achievement and a great investment in our next generation. Links: 20150508-takapau-school-hawkes-bay-web