Kids Fun at the Around the Bay in a Day Family Bike Ride

Despite the winds and a few route changes for some of the longer rides, many kids and families got out on their bikes to enjoy the Around the Bay in a Day Family Bike Ride yesterday.

20km Family Bike Ride Entirely on Closed Roads

This year the entire 20km Family Bike Ride was on closed roads which was a great incentive for so many parents. We spotted a few ByK Riders amongst the nearly 10,000 participants who no doubt were so proud of themselves for completing such a big ride. [caption id="attachment_1797" align="aligncenter" width="600"]540R Rider with his Mum in the Around the Bay Bike Family Bike Ride A 540R ByK Rider with his Mum took part in the 20km Family Bike Ride[/caption]

Ride2School Team Pump Track Fun For Kids After the Ride

After the ride, kids were treated to a carnival of fun - face painting, animal farm and even a pump track! The Ride2School Team from the Bicycle Network had a Pump Track setup for fun and for those who wanted to try out some new bikes, ByK had a selection to have a go on. [caption id="attachment_1796" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Bicycle Network Pump Track for Ride2School Team A kid trying out the ByK E-450x3i on the Ride2School Team Pump Track. Photo courtesy of Bicycle Network Around the Bay Flickr Album - see link in bottom of this article.[/caption] Links: