10 Best Bicycle Presents for Mums

You might think that the world of bicycle accessories is geared towards men, but there's actually quite a lot of awesome stuff out there for the girls, and Mum's especially, that will make an excellent Christmas stocking filler. So if you're stuck for ideas for Mum, here's some of our favourite bicycle presents to help you out.

 1. A BikeRax Wooden Bike Rack

Made in Melbourne, this will keep your prized possession (or maybe someone else's in the family who refuse to keep it outside of the house...!)  neat and tidy and part of the decor... Bikerax stylish bicycle racks are made right here in Melbourne. mum-bikerax-bicycle-rack-style-web

2. Kids Portraits - on their bikes!

Not sure about you but here at ByK, we are super busy Mums (and Dads...) and it seems we are always amassing photos of our kids but never actually getting them printed and in frames to enjoy every day. So why not give Mum a super present of a photography session that captures the kids doing what they love most - riding their bikes! We are inspired by this photo taken by Michael Leadbetter photography, based in Brisbane. Michael says he is even available for inter-state photography... e-450-kids-bike-michael-leadbetter-family-portraits-photography-web

3. Bikerax Coffee Cup Holder and the Keep Cup Reusable Coffee Cup

Do you do the school run on your bike and always need a coffee at the end!  Well, if you have the versatile Melbourne Designed Keep Cup, then you would need the awesome Melbourne Designed BikeRax Bicycle Coffee Cup Holder.  These two are a match made in heaven and will simultaneously save / start your day...

mum-bikerax-bicycle-coffee-cup-holder-web mum-keepcup-takeaway-reusable-coffee-cup-web

 4. A Slapband to Protect Your Clothes When Riding

The hannmaid cycling slap band from Cyclestyle is inspired by the childhood nostalgia and freedom associated with one's first bicycle. The band looks cool around the wrist and protects your pants cuff from getting caught in your chain. Designed in Australia, this is a great stocking filler gift for girls and Mums alike. mum-hannmaid-cycling-slapband-web

5. Bicycle Skirt Guard

With summer here, why not get out on your bike in your favourite skirt and if you do, make sure you have a bicycle skirt guard from Cyclestyle to protect it well. mum-cyclestyle-bicycle-skirt-guard

6. Retro Cycling Gloves

What better way to style your ride, then with some retro cycling gloves.  We found these online but maybe you can find them instores too. mums-retro-cycling-gloves-web

7. Handlebar Bag / Pouch

Sometimes you just want to get from A to B without bags, panniers, backpacks and this little bicycle handlebar pouch is perfect for carrying phone, keys and wallet - just the essentials.  And it looks good too. mum-linus-bike-pouch-cyclestyle

8. Waterproof Cycling Poncho

This bright waterproof cycling poncho from Cyclette is not only going to keep you dry and snug, but the colour makes it highly visible and excellent safety gear when riding in low-light conditions such as rain or on overcast days. It has complete waterproof construction with bound seams, reflective piping and a reflective stripe. The zip front fastening with double press studs at the collar means this style can be worn like a tent with thumb loops to enclose you as you ride. mums-cyclettes-cycling-poncho-rain-gear-web

9. Bicycle Helmet Bag Backpack

As innovators ourselves, we love finding new products that someone has thoughtfully designed because they knew there was a need in the market. Commuting with your bike often means leaving your helmet locked with your bike, but what if you want to take it with you whereever you are going?  Well, these bicycle helmet bags are not only functional, but they look cool too. mum-bicycle-helmet-bags-web

10. Retro Womens Bicycle

Maybe your Mum just wants a new bicycle this year... Its hard to go past the retro style Melbourne Mixte bicycle for stye, comfort and affordability. With internal gears and accessorised with mud guards and a basket, its a great urban bike. melbourne-retro-bicycle-in-sun-web