10 Best Bicycle Presents for Dads

Does the Dad in your house love to ride? We've compiled a selection of great Bicycle Christmas Gift ideas that might help you fill his Chrismtas stocking - from books to t-shirts, riding accessories to furniture (yes, you heard it, 'furniture' or at least that's probably what Dad would call the beautifully crafted wooden bike rack that could sit in the living room....)

1. Cycling Socks

It wouldn't be a Christmas Present Ideas list for Dads if it didn't have socks. And we're putting them right up there as number 1. Its the absolute classic of Dad presents but always a worthy one. We love these tan bicycle socks from pigeonhole.com but if you want to get something technical, RideOn Magazine gave the BBB - ErgoPlus Cycling Socks the highest test score of 91.5% in their recent Cycling Socks Review... bike-socks bbccycling-ergoplus-socks

2. A Bicycle Themed Tshirt

Who doesn't need a new t-shirt every Christmas? Here's a few we have found for inspiration: 1. Speeding Cyclist from Endurance Conspiracy, 2. Vintage Bike from Hamb, 3. A Horse on a Bicycle as you do from Dark Cycle Clothing ec-bomber-charcoal-mens-bicycle-tshirt hamb-bicycle-shirt darkcycleclothing-horse-on-a-bike-tshirt

3. Funny Cycling Mug

Can't go past a new mug for Dad to take to work. We found this mug on Etsy bicycle-mug

 4. A Piece of Bicycle Art

If you want to get something that will last forever, Veloposters do some beautiful cycling themed prints. And if you're feeling extra nice, you could even get a custom print made of Dad's favourite bicycle or ride or accessory... veloposters_giro_amalfi

 5. A BikeRax Wooden Bike Rack

Made in Melbourne, this will keep your Dad's prized possession neat and tidy and part of the decor...  the Bikerax wooden bike racks are so simple yet so perfect.

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2013-10-08 11:25:09Z | http://piczard.com | http://codecarvings.com Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2013-10-08 11:25:09Z | http://piczard.com | http://codecarvings.com

6. Safety Reflective Cycling Harness

If Dad cycles to work, and often at dusk or in the dark, then this is a present that will keep him safer. This Monkeysee Reflective Cycling Harness is available at cyclestyle.com.au too. monkeysee-reflective-bicycle-harness

7. TwoWheelCool Pilot Light

From the Sydney bicycle accessory design team, TwoWheelCool, comes the ultra cool bicycle helmet Pilot Light check them out here: TwoWheelCool twowheelcool-pilot-bicycle-helmet-light

8. Things Come Apart Book by Todd McLellan

This book will entertain many inquisitive Dad's and the rest of the family too.  A photographic journal of modern day 'things' - pulled apart to show their inner workings and intricacies. Found here at Booktopia. things-come-apart-bicycle-page

9. A Bicycle Service Voucher

At ByK we are Mums and Dads ourselves so we know all too well how prescious time can be and sometimes, that regular bicycle service might get put to the end of the list. And for good reason - taking the kids out for a ride on their bikes is so much more fun and memorable than staying home and getting greasy!  There are bicycle service shops popping up all over the place.  And here's one we like - all proceeds go to charity. Nice one. Goodcycles.org Melbourne Bicycle Service good-cycles-bicycle-mechanic-melbourne

10. GoPro Bicycle Sports Camera

Its a little on the expensive side but will still fit into most christmas stockings... The GoPro is the ultimate bicycle accessory gift for Dad's who like to ride, and video their kids riding too. You can buy them at lots of places. We found ours here. gopro-hero3-silver