Our Internal Geared Kids Bikes Grow Technically with the Childs Abilities

We introduced kids bikes the internal gears in 2013 and they have been a huge success.  They are popular with the kids becuase this has no external gear parts you can damage - treat it rough! On the E-450x3i, whilst you are still learning to handle your bike and gears, you also have a foot brake as well. And one great option about the E450x3i is that it can grow technically with the child's ability. It is possible for your local store to disable the footbrake, about a 3 minute job for an expert, and this really progresses the skill of the rider. The advantage is that the bike can start its life with maximum braking safety (two handbrakes and a footbrake) then, as the child becomes comfortable with handbrakes, by disabling the footbrake the bike can be ridden with greater freewheel flexibility, in particular stopping, starting, balancing around corners or over bumps and so much more. You can also customise the 350x2i as well and in the all 540x3i bikes will be customisable too.