How to Attach Kids Bikes to Car Racks

Thinking of taking the kids bikes with you on your next driving holiday?  There's a few different ways you can attached ByK kids bikes to car racks.   We've written before about an car bike rack adaptor bar for kids bikes that can be attached to a car rack (as on a kids bike, the horizontal carrying space is too short or cramped to fit on the mounting point as is).  But here are a few other ideas to help you out.

Attaching kids bikes to the roof of the car:

fitting-kids-bikes-to-cars-1-web fitting-kids-bikes-to-cars-2.1-web fitting-kids-bikes-to-cars-2.2-web

Attaching kids bikes to the car bicycle rack at the rear of the car:

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How to attach 8 kids bikes to a car...:

Damien Enderby, owner of Bike AND Fitness, often has to transport a few more kids bikes on his car than most families. He teaches kids how to ride at during-school, after-school, and private lessons in the Newcastle region. You can read about Damien in our ByK Dad Interview here. "Here is how to get 8 ByK Bikes around. THULE G6 on the back, 3 Pro-Rides and 1 Outride on the roof. A set of Slide Bars make it even easier to mount the bikes on the roof. These bars slide out 600mm either side of the car to enable easier access to racks." damien-enderby-8-bikes-on-car-900x600-web