5 Steps on How To Fit a Kids Helmet Properly

Time and again we have parents asking us how to correctly fit a kids helmet.  In our opinion, the right helmet should have a snug fitting shell with an adjustable fitting band to customise the size and minimise wobble. Here's our 5 point checklist to ensure you have it right too.

This is really important stuff and should not only be done correctly in the shop when you are buying a helmet for the first time, but also as the child grows, you need to continually ensure their helmet still fits securely to give them the safest ride possible.

It should fit forward on the child’s head in a horizontal position.  The straps should fit neatly either side of the ears with the buckle siting under the chin with a small but comfortable clearance when connected. Be careful the helmet does not interfere with the riders view and hearing - these sensors are critical for safety and control. Here are the basics to remember when fitting:
  1. Undo the rear retention device (usually this is a wind-up thing at the back of the helemt)
  2. Place the helmet flat on the head, to fit forward if in doubt
  3. Tighten the rear tension device to fit snugly - about the same tension as when tightening laces on shoes
  4. Adjust the triangle of straps so that the join of the straps is just immediately below the ears
  5. Adjust the under-chin strap to be about snug - about 1 cm or less of slack
byl-kids-helmet-purple-milla-web Remember! If a a parent is doing the chin strap up, PLEASE take care to place your own finger between the chin strap buckle and your childs skin. It is better that you catch your finger rather than your kids soft skin! For a great visual guide, the Bicycle Network, in conjunction with Ride2School day have put together this great Kids Helmet Fit Guide. You can check out the full range of kids helmets from ByK here - we have two models in 10 awesome colours and the ByK kids helmet meets the highest safety standards in the world.