The Benefits of Kids Riding Bikes to School

bikesinschools_logo"Fitter, healthier, more engaged young people." was the quote from NZ Prime Minister John Key, at the Launch of the Bikes in Schools Program in 2010. And with the Bikes in Schools program now in over 20 schools in New Zealand, the results are proven In 2014, we will be seeing many more schools joining the program and ByK Bikes will continue to be a key supplier of kids bikes to the program. bikes_in_schools_with_bykFitness, health, confidence, self-esteen are just some of the benefits of encouraging kids to ride - at school, to school, or at home as much as possible.  This flows on to other sports, as well as schoolwork and general social wellbeing. Get your kids riding to school too! Links: Bikes In Schools Program New Zealand See why they use ByK Kids Bikes - here's an overview of the bikes in their range and why they benefit kids learning to ride at school.