Protecting Your Kids Bike from Thieves - What You Can Do

jensen_standing_by_bike-webNo one ever wants to hear a story about a bike being stolen, let alone a kids bike.  Kids put such a higher level of importance and attachment to their bikes as they are their vehicle for freedom - the one thing that allows them to explore, imagine and be master of their journey and destination. So, here's a few tips and things you can do to ensure your kids bike stays safe and is ready for play anyday.

Making your bike identifiable and traceable

Police recommend engraving your bicycle so that it is identifiable if it is ever stolen. Check with your local police station as many offer free engraving service. Register your ByK kids bike with us.  We keep a record of your serial number in case your bike is ever lost or stolen.  We have had one instance of a bicycle being stolen and the parents were thankful that we had the serial number on file so they could give it to police. Register your ByK here.

Park your bike in a safe area

Teaching your kids the responsiblity of ensuring their bike is parked out of clear sight from opportunistic thieves is a key.  For example, leaving a bike unlocked on a driveway, veranda or front yard might not be a good idea.  Thieves will prefer locations such as this as they can steal with minimal noise and disturbance. Mackay District Crime Prevention Unit Senior Constable Steve Smith says, "bike thieves were often opportunistic. There are fewer circumstances in which people steal bikes from outside the front of a shop."

Keep your biycle secure

Use a simple bike lock - one that is easy to use, light to carry.  We know that most bicycle accessories are built for grown ups so we made sure that we designed a kids bicycle lock that was easy to use and matched our bicycle range.  They're a great gift for a kid that loves bikes but also a great stocking filler too at Christmas time! Also, be sure any 'add-on' accessories on your bike are removed.  Its likely that most kids bikes won't have GPS or expensive lights but if they do have them, reminding your kids to remove them will reduce the risk of your bike being stolen. byk-kids-bikes-in-the-schoolyard-web2 Link: Why engraving your bicycle is worth it