Kids Helmets Save Lives - Wear Them at Home as Well

A recent article in highlights that, "Bicycle helmets reduce the risk of serious head injury in a crash by almost 70 per cent". "Researchers from the University of NSW reviewed data from 43 international studies and found that helmets dramatically improved a cyclist's chance of survival in a crash. Wearing a helmet reduced the risk of death in a crash by 65 per cent and serious injury by 69 per cent. Helmets would also reduce facial injury in more than a third of crashes." Another article in the Daily Telegraph reminds us that even at home, kids helmets should be worn when playing on scooters and bicycles. It is easy to be more relaxed at home if kids are playing in the backyard or the driveway, but as statistics show, it is often the fall that causes injury, not the speed. Dr Donovan Dwyer, the head of trauma at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, said, "In the past 12 months, 80 children have been admitted to either Sydney Children's Hospital or The Children's Hospital at Westmead with serious injuries, the highest number in recent years. Three-quarters of scooter and skateboard riders, and 55 per cent of bike riders, were not wearing helmets. Dr Dwyer said for every serious injury there were more minor ones such as broken noses, head lacerations and chipped teeth. Children without helmets suffered more serious injuries. However the danger was in the fall, not the speed, he said. Even a stationary sideways tumble could have serious consequences." ByK E-50 Kids Helmet in Orange At ByK Bikes, we recognised early on there was a need for a superior kids bike helmet in the market - safety is our number one priority in the design of our bikes and it was therefore essential that we make the safest kids helmet possible.  The ByK kids bike helmet meets the highest safety standards in the world. With the fully adjustable ByK fit system, sizing suits a range from 52 to 57cms head size, or most kids between 4-10 years. A reflective panel on the rear, chin protector, sun visor, large vents and vibrant colours makes the ByK helmet no.1 in safety and design. ByK Kids Skate Helmet Check out the full range of safe kids bike helmets here. Links: