Kids Bike Riding Lessons are Half the Fun at Bike N Fitness Newcastle

bike-n-fitness-riding-school We're proud to shout out about a family run business that is going from strength to strength, teaching kids how to ride in the Newcastle region. Bike N Fitness was started by Damien and his wife Jenny after they taught their own kids how to ride and having attended a Weetbix Triathalon they were astonished at how many kids actually didn't know how to ride a bike properly and safely. Damien asked some kids questions like, "How do you brake properly?" and the answers were wide and varied and quite often incorrect!  Things like, "I put my foot on the front wheel", or "My mum told me not to use the hand-brake", or even "just put my feet on the ground"!!

bike-n-fitness-kids-learning-to-ride-2Active After School Program - Bike Riding Skills

So, they got started by beginning an accredited "Active After School Program" which is a Government initiative to hire a sporting coach for a term so kids have the opportunity to learn a sport after school. They have bikes to teach kids 5 to 12 years old and last term had programs in 6 schools in the Newcastle region.

AustCycle Programs teaching kids how to ride

They are now also doing AustCycle programs - a 6 week program at schools that is included in the school sports program and also beginning private clinics - teaching kids how to ride without training wheels - which majority get within 1/2 hour. Currently they have a fleet of 2 E-450s and 20 E-540s.  On some of the bikes, they have set the handlebars back and with the seat put to the lowest level - even some pre-schoolers have had the opportunity to learn to ride 'on the big kids bikes' and got it!

Be taught by cycling champions

bike-n-fitness-medals-webbike-n-fitness-medals-2You know you're getting taught how to ride a bike correctly when you see your instrutor wearing a Gold Medal around their neck (well I guess they don't wear them every day....!) but these guys certainly know their stuff and your kids are in the best hands learning the absolute essentials from them. Both Damien and Jenny are leaders in their field with a slew of medals and achievements in cycling. At right are Jenny's medals for winning the 2014 Masters Australian National Cross Country Eliminator Series and below is a flashback to Damien's 2010 gold medal win for the Australian Mountain Bike Cross Country Championships in the Expert Men field.

Their kids bike fleet

This year they are updating and increasing their ByK fleet size to include some of the new bikes in the range and increase their capacity to service kids of all ages. bike-n-fitness-byk-kids-bikes-web Links: Bike N Fitness Facebook Page: AustCycle: