From Balance Bikes to Kids Mountain Bikes - the Urban Pump Track is a Favourite

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Urban pump tracks are showing up more and more in playgrounds and parks and they are getting a lot of good use from kids of all ages and on all bike styles.

Traditionally the domain of the BMX, the pump track is a perfect bike playground from kids as young as 2 years old - from balance bikes (where they are so close to the ground themselves that rolling up and down the hills is actually quite easy) to the kids mountain bikes. Parents of toddlers on balance bikes might raise their eyebrows at the thought of their little kids falling off - but you'd be surprised how well they maneouvre on a pump track and how much they enjoy it!  Of course, safety is always number one but letting kids learn to take small risks at any age means they will be better able to judge bigger risks later in life. Take a look at this asphalt pump track from VeloSolutions in Europe.  We look at their website and drool over the awesome designs of the pumptracks they are developing for kids - big and small! Velosolutions Asphalt Pumptrack from Claudio Caluori on Vimeo.