Accessories and necessities for taking kids on 20km+ bike rides

Whether you have signed up for the Bicycle Network’s Around the Bay in a Day family bike ride or just planning your own family ride, here are some tips for accessories and necessities for taking kids on a 20km family bike ride. Other than the obvious - a bike, a helmet and comfortable riding shoes, you want be sure that when you set off on a 20km ride with the kids, you have everything you need. We spoke to a few ByK parents about their packing lists for these types of longer rides with kids and as well as the usual necessities listed below they all mentioned “we always dangle a promise of a café stop at the end as they are always motivated by treats and bribes!” Nothing like the lure of an icecream or milkshake to keep those legs pedalling! If you’re setting off on the Bicycle Network’s Around the Bay in a day ride, you can be sure of something even better - the Finish Line Festival that the whole family will enjoy! Mostly the grown ups carry everything so the kids can just pedal. A suggested packing list:

Water and Snacks

As the Bicycle Network suggests in their Tips for Riding with Kids, "carry plenty of snacks and drinks and encourage them to eat and drink constantly. Remember that most kids’ bikes only have one gear, so they end up doing many, many more pedal rotations than a grown-up. They need to replace that energy. Bite-size snacks like lolly snakes, bananas, jelly beans and grapes are easy to carry and have more than enough energy to keep you going."

Mobile phones for the mums and dads

This is pretty much a given these days as mobile phones have become an extension of ourselves and almost a necessity in every day life.  But if there's an accident, a bike problem you can't fix or weather that is just not rideable, being able to call for help from where you are is advantageous. Not to mention the navigational help if you lose your way!

A few basic first aid supplies, including sunscreen

You'll know what you need to take for your own personal family. Something small including the essential items needs to be packed and at the ready.


You can’t always be 100% sure the weather will be perfect and kids, just like grown ups, are not going to want to ride in a cold wind or rain without some extra protection. Bring along some lightweight layers for everyone just in case.

Bicycle Toolset

As the Bicycle Network points out, “It’s a good idea to have a minimal set of tools with you to fix any mechanicals. This would include spare tubes, tyre levers, a pump, Allen keys and a spanner for wheel nuts if required.” Around the Bay in a Day Logo The Bicycle Network’s Around the Bay Family Bike Ride is a fully supported ride, with food and water provided at the rest stops and mechanical assistance on route should you need it. Join in the fun with 20km of closed roads and kids under 12 ride free!