2014-15 Byk Range | Fresh new look and colours

For the 2015 Year ByK is releasing a range of updates, upgrades, new colours, new graphics and new bikes. Plenty is happening on every level but the really exciting news is that we are adding a whole new range of bigger kids size bikes. With these bikes we now cover all areas from pre-school to the cross over after primary school. Frames have been made lighter, components better, wheels stronger and graphics evolved. With our new bigger sizes the visuals have matured with our riders yet the unique ByK look remains easily recognizable. Our standard bike range has been freshened up with some new modern colours, technical tweaks and evolved styling. E-450_x8-boys-red-bike-graphics From the E-200L Learner getting updated lively colours of Bright Blue and Pretty Pink through the E-350 boys bike getting a a cool new Ninja Green colour, to the ultra popular E-350x2i getting a cosmetic work over and the E-350 girls bike adding a Celeste Green, we have it all covered. We are introducing a new E-450x2i to compliment the boys bike range and E-450MTB complete with micro knobby tyres, off road geometry and our cool new MTB styling. As well the popular E-450x8 gets a great new colour, Candy Pink to give it some pizzazz. med_e450_x8_byk_geared_girls_bike_pink_side But the real action is in the E-540 and new E-620 bikes. After a hugely successful introductory year with the E-540 bikes, we have added more variety and depth to our range. Then we have the 620 bikes and some ground breaking models and designs with looks to match. Firstly the E-540’s. The entry-level boys gets the superb SRAM 3 speed internal gear system to compliment the two girls models using the same. The E-540x16 models remain the same but now we are adding a MTB and Road bike. The E-510MTB has race geometry and true MTB performance for serious fun and looks to match while for budding road riders, we have the E-540R. The E-540R has kids specific geometry, ergonomics, components, safety and versatility that is without parallel, plus a price that will get you excited. Our new 620 bikes are where the biggest steps have been taken. Innovation abounds to guarantee the perfect ride and fit. Every model is super light, has child specific geometry and complimenting ergonomic components. We have three model SRAM i3 speed internal models and two 16 speed versions for the fast riders. The E-620x16 Boys is shown below. Off road we have the new E-560MTB and genuine wild performance and to match this one the range topping E-620R road bike, our fastest bike ever. At ByK, we do a lot of thinking about kids bikes. White kids bikes. With these new bigger kids sizes and new designs we thought it was time to unleash a black range. Perhaps now, Black will be the new White. med_e540x3ibb-commuter-kids-bike