Stickers are a Great Way to Decorate Your Kids Bike and Have Fun Too!

With every purchase of a ByK Kids bike, you get a small sticker set contained in the display box hanging off the bike.  And, if you register your kids bike with us, after purchase, you'll also recieve a free gift in the mail - which is a big sticker set for even more decorating fun. Some kids might like to use these stickers to decorate their bicycles - make them different from their friends or siblings, or simply just make them 'their own'. Of course, you don't have to even decorate your bike - maybe your lunch box, your bike helmet, your scrapbook or whatever else (don't blame ByK if they end up on furniture or the walls!) Another great idea is to get high-vis and reflective stickered materials that they could peel, cut and stick on their bikes - ByK was recently involved in the Wheelie Workshop for kids where kids were encouraged to do just that - decorate their bikes and learn about safety on the road.