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Bike Riding Tips

  • How to Get the Right Size Kids Bike: Childrens Bike Fitting Guide

    Whether you're planning on buying a new kids bike soon, or you've just noticed that your kid has suddenly shot up in height and is looking a bit clunky on their bike, it is always a good idea to periodically check bikes and helmets are correctly fitted for the kids.
  • Accessories and necessities for taking kids on 20km+ bike rides

    Whether you have signed up for the Bicycle Network’s Around the Bay in a Day family bike ride or just planning your own family ride, here are some tips for accessories and necessities for taking kids on a 20km family bike ride.
  • 5 Tips when planning a long bike ride with kids

    Most kids who have been riding regularly from a very young age, will most likely have the skills, confidence and fitness to ride a 20km bike ride by the time they are 6 or 7. The annual Bicycle Network Around the Bay in a Day bike ride is coming up soon and with kids under 12 riding free in the family friendly 20km event, here are some tips for planning from ByK parents.
  • 5 Benefits of taking your kids on longer bike rides

    We chatted to a few ByK parents about when they started taking kids on longer rides, around 20km, and what they saw as the main benefits. When kids really get the hang of riding, many parents are itching to start taking them on longer rides - so they can finally enjoy riding as a family, and not just short trips to the local playground or shops.
  • MTB for Beginners - Teaching Kids Basic Mountain Biking Skills

    Mountain Biking is fun. And if your kids are showing signs of wanting to get off-road or just do some cool tricks in the local neighbourhood like riding up and down gutters, over little bumps, etc, then you want to give them a few tips on riding efficiently and getting more out of their bikes. Ultimately this means MORE FUN!
  • 10 Tips for Kids Learning to Ride a Bike

    When it comes to riding a bike, there are 5 essential skills kids will learn. Our number one piece of advice is to try to not teach all of these skills at once but focus on one at a time. Kids between 1.5 and 4 will typically only learn one motor skill at a time so balance and then steering are the obvious first skills and that's why balance bikes are such a good option for this age group. If you take each skill and teach them separately, the child will have a better chance to managing them all together in their own time.
  • The Pros and Cons of Using Training Wheels When Learning to Ride

    Training wheels are great for learning the unnatural skill of pedalling. But at the same time training wheels can be detrimental in learning to balance.
  • Riding Bikes on the Footpath - The Laws for Kids and Adults in Australia

    There is good research to suggest that the maximum age should be increased to 16 because, according to the Bicycle Network, "research shows, for students up to the age of 16, that their ability to assess risks on the road and their visual and perceptual skills aren't fully developed."
  • Modified E-350 custom boys bike a labour of love from a Dad who loves bikes and cars!

    One of the best endorsements we can get is when a customer takes a ByK bike and customises it with hours of work and love for their kid. In order to invest time and money into modifying a kids bike on this scale, you know the person doing it would have made the effort to get the best designed bike in the first place!
  • Simple bike storage for the whole family

    We've come across some great family bike storage solutions but this has to be one of our favourites. Designed and built in Melbourne, the BikeRax bike storage solution is clean, uncluttered and amazingly simple. It comes flat-packed so easy to order online and can be put together in minutes.
  • 5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Kids Bike in Top Shape

    You might be just needing to give the family bikes a general clean or coming into winter you want to make sure the bikes are ready for a slight hiatus of non-riding. Whether you have just taken the bike out for a huge muddy ride, or it is likely not going to be used for a few months, then it is worth doing these few simple maintenance tasks to ensure they are ready to ride again come the sunshine of Spring.
  • Kids Learn Bike Skills and Help Fundraise for School

    A ByK Mum recently alerted us to a great fundraising activity their local school has initiated. Not only do they raise funds for the school, but the kids get to have heaps of fun with the bikes! The Porepunkah Bike Safety Rodeo is a Porepunkah Primary School Parents and Friends fundraising event run by school and community volunteers.
  • Bike Skills Courses for Kids Learning to Ride

    Whether your child is learning to ride from scratch, wants to extend on their basic skills, or start to try riding on different terrains, enrolling them in a bike skills course could be fun. There are quite a few places to start looking but the important thing is always safety first. We hope this lists helps you get started.
  • Learning To Ride Balance Bikes - The Benefits For Kids Are More Than Just Learning to Ride with

    What is balance and how does learning this skill early on really benefit a child later when riding with pedals, but also in other areas of childhood development?
  • Kids Helmets Save Lives - Wear Them at Home as Well

    A recent article in highlights that, "Bicycle helmets reduce the risk of serious head injury in a crash by almost 70 per cent". And further evidence reminds us that even at home, kids helmets should be worn when playing on scooters and bicycles.
  • How to Encourage Your Kids To Ride To School

    in the '70s, 8 out of 10 kids rode to school. Now, its only 2 out of 10 and we are confident that number is going to start rising again
  • 5 Steps on How To Fit a Kids Helmet Properly

    Time and again we have parents asking us how to correctly fit a kids helmet. In our opinion, the right helmet should have a snug fitting shell with an adjustable fitting band to customise the size and minimise wobble. Here's our 5 point checklist to ensure you have it right too.